Well I started blacksmithing in 2008 and went full time in 2011. Forge on the Ridge is a 1880's blacksmith shop. I do the vast majority of my work with tools from that time period. I have refurbished 5 different drill presses and 4 forges. With anything that you like to do you start collecting a wide variety of tools. I have 105 hammers and 137 different pairs of tongs not including the 180 plus punches.It seems like the more I do the more tools I make or acquire. I started the North East Arkansas chapter of the blacksmith organization in 2012 and was steward till 2014 when me and my wife moved to South Carolina.We found  a awesome shop and spent a few months cleaning and fixing it to what it is now, our dream blacksmith shop. Stop on buy and say hello and take a look around we will keep the fire burning for you.

Glenn Owen,

Forge on the Ridge Blacksmith Shop