This class is for the blacksmith who wants to learn about forge welding and get some hammer time on a variety of projects and increase their skill level. This class is for those who have taken the beginning class or have had some blacksmithing experience. All dates are the same as the beginning class just email or call me to set a date.  

 Beginner Blacksmith Class $350

Come learn the ancient art of blacksmithing in my 1880's blacksmith shop. This class is for the basics of blacksmithing for those with little to no experience. You will learn how to draw out, upset, twist, scroll, hot cut, and rivet. You will take home several projects from the class also. Classes are 2 days long starting at 8 and ending at 5. Class size is limited to tw0 unless an agreement is made for a larger group beforehand. Class dates are variable email me at or call me at 870-897-0234. I will do classes on short notice but please contact me to set up dates to make sure I have the dates free. You will be responsible for your own gloves and safety glasses.  

This class is for those who want to get skills at the next level. You will have a few projects to work on and fine tune some of your skills. This is not for the beginner. If you have something specific that you want to work on tell me and we will work on it. Call or email for dates same as the classes listed above.

 Intermediate Blacksmith  2 Day Class $380

Bladesmithing  3 Day Class​$480 

​This is everything in the beginner class and an extra day to be able to hand forge a knife. This will be geared more toward the art of the blade and the process of forging, hardening, and tempering. Call or email for class dates. ​​

5 Day Advanced Blacksmith Class $690